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  1. Run bitcoind with below bitcoin.conf and a descriptor wallet loaded:

2. Create a POST request in Postman with URL:

3. Select ‘Basic Auth’ in authorization and enter RPC credentials

4. Body(raw):

{"jsonrpc: "1.0", "id": "curltest", "method": "listdescriptors", "params": [false]}

5. Click on “send” and wait for the response. You should see few descriptors in the results.

6. Copy POST request as HTTP by clicking on </> code symbol on right. We will use this request in Burp Suite.

Run Burp Suite and paste request in Intruder

Lets consider two examples in a bull market instead of sharing opinions or any economics lessons:

Example 1

1 January 2017:

Alice has 10 BTC in cold storage, 1 BTC in hot wallets and some amount in fiat as cash, card etc.

Bob has 10 BTC in cold storage, 1000 USD in bank account and undisclosed amount as cash, card etc.

Both use 100 USD per month at KFC. Why? Because they love chicken. Only difference is that Alice pays with BTC and Bob pays using bank account. Alice buys gift cards from Bitrefill one day before going to KFC. …

335.9 BTC were moved to address 14RYUUaMW1shoxCav4znEh64xnTtL3a2Ek in this security incident and later in other UTXOs. You can explore the transactions using the above link. Fee rate used in this transaction was 66.46 SAT/VB. I would expect hackers to use a higher fee rate and not RBF transaction but it is possible that hacker planned it differently or it was an insider and whole incident is fake.

Three transactions that look interesting after expanding all the transactions involved:




Not sure but some of the BTC has been sold on some exchange is not labelled on OXT right…

This post is mainly to list the tradeoffs while trading on DeFi derivatives exchange compared to a centralized derivatives exchange, however I will add few observations in general about most of the DeFi projects.

How decentralized are the DeFi derivatives exchanges like dYdX or MCDEX?

Since some people wanted me to write a post about the vulnerabilities that x00 found in CoinDCX, I am going to share the details of the things he found, my opinion and best practices for users.

Soundcloud link for the discussion I had with x00:

POC Video link:!r0kBRABa!M0jeeeyAsXW1A2p8RvBTZR00infDsQfplevl2hau1V4

Screenshots that were shared earlier in Discord server with description shared by x00 with me:

Image contains location of error log files which can be used by a hacker to see all components which make the application while error logged in the files

A list of few transactions done by Bitbns from their Binance accounts to Bitbns hot wallets of users for ERC20 USDT:

Thanks Manish who shared the above link for one of their hot wallets which holds USDT

I had read this article few weeks back and found it interesting so contacted Tatjana for this Interview or Q&A. I really appreciate the quick response that I got and detailed answers to all the questions.

Article link:

1. “That’s one thing about people coming from the darknet culture — they are true to themselves. They won’t run away from problems.” This is so true and I can relate to it, do you think darknet culture has changed over last few years though?

Yes, it did — in several ways. The darknet culture as I knew it hasn’t changed…

This is a UI prototype on which Rusty is working

The idea is to create an app using which users in India can buy BTC in small amounts per week/month or regular interval defined by user. The buy should happen automatically based on the settings configured by the user and it should involve satoshis credited to a non custodial LN wallet.

So implementing this idea looks simple initially but things can get complex if we want to make it easier for users to buy sats regularly and provide a customized DCA solution for Indian users which doesn’t involve any KYC, non custodial and offers best rates.

I believe there are…

There are setups on a chart when you aren’t really sure if it will pump or dump but sure about a big move in next few hours. A good example can be a confluence of bbands squeeze, weekly candle close, uncertainty in legacy markets, news like feds interest rate cut announcement etc.

And the above happened last night so I decided to make some money out of it while everything is burning and dumping or there is fear & uncertainty around.

This can also work in normal situations when you see a setup on a chart that shows a big…

Not sure how did I find her on Twitter but had an interesting timeline and I liked her nose ring.

Yeah she is looking cute in that pic. So I recently replied to one of her tweets to accept bitcoin tips on Twitter using

Then I also sent her DM about how to sign up on, she agreed to accept bitcoin tips and I sent her 50k sats.

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