Stacking Sats | Mobile App for Indian Users

This is a UI prototype on which Rusty is working

The idea is to create an app using which users in India can buy BTC in small amounts per week/month or regular interval defined by user. The buy should happen automatically based on the settings configured by the user and it should involve satoshis credited to a non custodial LN wallet.

So implementing this idea looks simple initially but things can get complex if we want to make it easier for users to buy sats regularly and provide a customized DCA solution for Indian users which doesn’t involve any KYC, non custodial and offers best rates.

I believe there are different aspects to solve this problem and at the core level we can integrate 3 APIs to do the tasks in the background:

  1. HodlHodl API
  3. Razorpay API

Now let me explain with diagrams how I plan to integrate these APIs in an Android App:

There can be different payment methods which a user can add to buy sats similar to paying for a Uber cab using the app with UPI and other available options. User will receive a notification that he needs to approve a payment on a given date/time/price as defined in the settings. The sats will be already bought using the available offers on HodlHodl and sent to user’s non cutodial LN wallet. Since HodlHodl is rarely used by Indians we will incentivize few people to create offers and use our own team for it as well. An alternative can be to use API of FixedFloat.

The buy settings can have lot of options like time interval, price range, maybe moving averages, amount, exceptions etc.

If you have any suggestions to make this app better please comment or DM me on twitter.





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