Wazirx STF

  • I started it as an experiment and was confident I can manage it being profitable in long term
  • Initially couple of weeks were good but then being long term bull biased in BTC and used to trading on derivatives exchanges, I kept hodling BTC. I should have approached it like my margin trades.
  • Learnt few lessons on how to trade in STF and it went from low being 5 to 9.2 at the time of writing this post
  • Taking profits, using stop limit orders, following your TA with discipline, not going all in, focused on BTC and few alts, etc. helped
  • Since we cant short here or hedge in different contracts as you can do on a derivatives exchange, its important to buy at support and take some profits as well at key levels
  • Not necessary to hold crypto all the time, you can be in USDT if not sure about the markets and waiting for confirmation
  • More ALT-BTC pairs to trade on Wazirx for STF traders
  • Liquidity issues in lot of coins
  • A system that keeps an eye on all STF trades, records it and creates some charts that can be helpful for everyone
  • We can even approach Delta Exchange to list a few STF tokens on delta for others to bet on STF traders by going long or short. If people think a STF trader will not perform good, they can short his token and vice versa.
  • ALLOCATION (PER TOKEN) information is not required and confusing for people because some people think its the actual holdings in that STF token
  • Nischal, Sid and Priyanka always helpful in case there are any issues
  • I love the buy/sell notifications on email and the reports sent regularly
  • Liquidity in markets have improved after Binance involvement and WRX trading
  • Few investors of my token even reached out to me on twitter and were nice people who dont have the time to look at charts 24/7 and trade. I even told they can invest in my token and sell if they feel its not worth the time and money. I don’t shill it everywhere looking for investors.
  • It will be good for STF traders and investors in a bull market




PGP: https://git.io/fjFyU

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PGP: https://git.io/fjFyU

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